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30th October 2011

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Day 83—October 29, 2011

This was a weird weekend fashion-wise. See Saturday, I didn’t get out of my PJs until 1 pm. And then at 5 pm I changed into my Halloween costume which I was in 5-10 pm. Then when I came home, I put my PJs back on. So I didn’t even take a picture of my outfit Saturday.

Then today, I didn’t get out of bed in time for church, so I didn’t wear a fancy church outfit. And when I finally got out of my PJs (once again, 1 pm), I just put my Saturday outfit back on since I had only worn it 4 hours the day before.

So I’ve decided I’m counting my Halloween costume as my “Saturday outfit” since I wore it the longest. And I’ll post my Saturday/Sunday outfit as my Sunday outfit. OK? Good.


Shirt: No tags on it, so have no idea—sorry!

Skirt: Cozy Casual (Marshalls)

Shoes: Xhilaration

Accessories; black hairband (my hair was in a bun) and purple scarf—gift from my parents I think

I was Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus! See my Liz on my shoulder up there? I had a bus too, but I didn’t take a picture with it. But guess what? At the Halloween party I went to, there were THREE Ms. Frizzles! Can you believe that? But I was the only redheaded one (which was why I dressed as her—because she’s a famous redhead) AND I got there first, so I was Ms. Frizzle #1.

I went to Target to buy milk and cream cheese Friday night. Then I went down to Marshalls to find a blue skirt for my costume—this one was the first one that looked good. I don’t think I’ve ever actually bought clothes at Marshalls before. The skirt only cost $11 (including tax). Then I realized I needed tape and construction paper, so I went back to Target. All in all, my costume cost me less than $20 total and I still have plenty of tape and paper left.

I did most of the work on my costume Friday night while watching the Rangers (grrrr) and then did Liz and my shoe stars on Saturday right before the party.

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